Our Approach

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Business Model

In 31 countries around the world, our employees deliver market-leading service to meet our customers’ needs. Wherever you find a Menzies logo, you’ll find people delivering around the clock, against the clock. We use the people, locations and transport at our disposal to complete a stable pipeline of work secured by our contracts. As we put those resources to work, we manage them in line with first-class standards of safety, service and operational process, all controlled through a detailed Corporate Governance framework. More details of our Business Model can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts 2015.


Customer Ethos
We believe that by dedicating ourselves to the ideal of partnership with our customers, building ever deeper and better informed relationships, we contribute to the most productive service experience for them.




Emerging Opportunities
Understanding the shape of the future is a vital quality in delivering long-term earnings for the Company. By keeping a close watch on the market sectors and geographies with greatest potential for development, we maximise the chance of participating in tomorrow's growth areas.




Optimised Investment
We strives towards wise investments across the full suite of our operations, ensuring both that our resources are directed to the areas which will yield greatest return and that we extract the greatest value from their deployment.




Diversified Offer
This principle recognises the inherent strength of a diversified offer, which opens the door to both to generating more revenue from our existing customers and the acquisition of entirely new customer groups.




Growth Agenda
The Company is positioned well in two growth markets and ensuring that we are able to take advantage of the opportunities which they present is a central priority for us.



By operating these distinct, robust businesses, each with strong cash flows, the Group is well-placed to provide shareholders with both stability and growth. More details of our Strategy can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts 2015.


We monitor a shortlist of critical metrics to ensure that our performance achieves the required standards. We seek to operate safely and securely, maintaining a consistently high quality of service and skilled workforce. We also aim to consistently grow the scale and profitability of our Operating Divisions. More details of our Key Performance Indicators can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts 2015.

Risk Management

Risk and uncertainty have the potential to hinder our progress toward the Group’s strategic objectives. We focus on mitigating those risks, to provide reasonable – although not absolute – assurance against material risks. More details of our Risk Management can be found in the Annual Report and Accounts 2015.

Resources, Responsibilities & Relationships

We recognise the impact our activities have on the environment, the communities in which we operate and the wider society around us – and operate accordingly.

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