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Our Business

Menzies Aviation

Menzies Aviation is an independent, time-critical logistics specialist serving the airline industry.

At more than 200 locations in 34 countries, Menzies Aviation offers landside and airside services tailored to customers’ needs; timed to their schedules; and delivered by teams with the knowledge, tools and passion to set standards rather than chase them.

Our business supports customers with a broad spectrum of services, ranging from ramp and cargo handling to refuelling to specialist regional activities such as de-icing and container repair. We also welcome passengers, and provide premium services in
certain locations around the world.

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Menzies Distribution

Menzies Distribution is a time-critical logistics and delivery specialist which has been working around the clock, against the clock since 1833.

With an established network of warehouses and hubs, a working fleet of 2,100 vehicles and a staff of 3,700, it helps businesses of all shapes and sizes move goods from one place to another as effectively, safely and quickly as possible.

Each day, Menzies Distribution delivers 300,000 units of product to 25,000 individual destinations, covering an aggregate 135,000 miles.

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