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Major Shareholders & Directors' Holdings

John Menzies | Stocks

The tables below are correct as at 3 August 2018

Top Shareholders

Name No. of ordinary shares %age of issued share capital
Kabouter Management 10,488,989 12.56
Menzies Family Holdings 8,966,718 10.73
Axxion S.A.* 8,471,866 10.14
Lakestreet Capital Partners 5,423,460 6.45
DC Thomson & Company 5,013,058 6.00
Sterling Strategic Value Fund S.A. 4,761,000 5.69
Premier Asset Management 3,467,269 4.15

*Axxion S.A. acting on behalf of Frankfurter Aktienfonds für Stiftungen and Frankfurter Stiftungsfonds.

Directors' Interests

Name No. of ordinary shares
Dr Dermot F. Smurfit 445,000
Giles Wilson 45,384
Forsyth Black 64,275
John Geddes 40,740
Paul Baines 3,000
Geoffrey Eaton 4,077
Drusilla Maizey 2,035
David Garman 13,571
Philipp Joeinig 50,000