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Our Vision and Culture

John Menzies plc has a responsibility to set and maintain the highest standards across its global business.

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Our People

We play a part in the community life of our employees, where small contributions make a big difference.

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Integrity and Compliance

We are committed to conducting our business fairly, honestly, safely and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards.

Integrity and Compliance
Health, Safety and Security

Health, safety and security are at the heart of our business activities, with the management of risk serving to inform and protect every element of our operations.

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Influence on the Environment

What is good for the environment is also good for our business and we aim to operate accordingly at all times.

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Social Contribution

We seek to provide charitable support to organisations that both assist and empower the generations that preceded us and invest in the wellbeing and opportunities of the generations that will follow us.

Social Contribution